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In the golden age of blogging and social media, couples are coming up with many unique ideas for their wedding ceremony and the following celebratory reception. Gone are the days of the staid sit-down dinner with a three-hour program. Say hi to the age of the cocktail reception!

Everyone loves a cocktail hour. Drinks are flowing, hors d’oeuvres are circulating, music is pumping, and everyone is happily mingling. You can hire a mobile cocktail bar to spoil all your guests with unlimited drinks and maximize everyone’s enjoyment all night long.

Mobile bars include a stunning bar setup, professional bartenders, and a custom drink menu of multiple cocktails. This is where you can get creative—the drinks and cocktails you choose will say a lot about you!

Signature Cocktails

What It Says About You: Fun, Creative, Fashionable

Your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are two of the most personal events you will ever plan in your life. It’s a perfect evening to highlight your personalities as a couple and as individuals, and to put a unique stamp on every aspect of the event—including the drinks menu!

Treat your guests to each of your favorite drinks along with signature cocktails to match your color scheme or honor your hometown. You can even hire a mixologist to combine your favorite flavors and create your very own wedding drink!

One of the best things about signature drinks is that you can name as creatively as you want. You can call your couple drink the Happily Ever After, or you can come up with witty puns. You can even introduce a competitive element to your cocktail reception by asking your bartender to tally how many guests opt for the bride or the groom’s drink. Announce the winner at the end of the reception and find out which one of you gets bragging rights.

Champagne Reception

What It Says About You: Timeless, Refined, Cultured

Champagne has long been the traditional drink of choice when it comes to weddings. It’s a classic for a reason—it’s sophisticated and celebratory, and it fits seamlessly with just about any wedding theme you choose. Most, if not all of your guests are likely already very familiar with champagne and would happily drink multiple glasses throughout the evening.

Non-Alcoholic Bar

What It Says About You: Healthy, Solicitous, Cool

The millennial generation is all about health consciousness and respecting individuality. Booze-free weddings are becoming more and more common as a growing number of couples believe you don’t need alcohol to have a fun night.

If you want to straddle the line between individuality and tradition, you can go half-and-half and offer a cocktail along with the non-alcoholic version. Your guests will be able to choose which one they prefer.


Cocktail wedding receptions are a fun, modern twist to the traditional wedding reception. You can customize your mobile bar however you want—show off your creativity with signature cocktails, opt for traditional champagne, or even go non-alcoholic. No matter what, the free-flowing drinks will ensure many hours of fun for everyone. Make sure to match your canapés and hors d’oeuvres with your chosen drinks!

If you want to hire wedding bartenders in the UK, Hire a Cocktail Bartender is here for you. We are a drinks caterer for small or large events, from weddings, festivals, birthday parties, and corporate events. Contact us today and let us help you make your event more memorable! 

hire a cocktail bartender

Congratulations on your wedding! At the end of one of the most special days of your life, you can finally celebrate this momentous event with the people dearest to you. Since all of the best celebrations have a diverse selection of drinks, why not hire a bar for your wedding? 

Although your big day is focused on you and your significant other, you still want all of your guests to enjoy themselves and create fun memories. If you need more convincing, here are the reasons why a mobile pop-up bar makes a great addition to your wedding reception:

Adds character to your celebration

Every detail of your wedding reception can be a representation of you and your significant other. By adding a mobile bar to your wedding, you can add character and excitement to your celebration since your drink menu can signify you as a couple. This way, you can make your entire wedding experience more memorable. 

Brings people together

When you begin creating your seating plan, you may notice that there are people with very different backgrounds coming together from various aspects of your lives. Some of your guests may even find themselves on a table with people who they have never met before. They might even have to endure awkward small talks for several hours because wedding meals are generally long. 

Fortunately, you can add drinks to your celebration and bring people together. Instead of just having your guests sitting and waiting for their beverages, give them the chance to mingle, get to know each other, and even make friends. It also helps the quiet ones lose their inhibitions and come out of their shells.

Your guests can also enjoy the drink of their choice since mobile bars usually have wedding bartenders for hire who can mix beverages based on their requests. As they enjoy their drinks, they can possibly end up on the dance floor and bring home lots of fun memories.

Helps you deal with pre-wedding jitters

Pre-wedding jitters are a normal part of getting married. After all, experiencing a major life change can make anyone panic. If you find yourself panicking due to wedding anxiety and feel like nothing seems to calm you, consider downing some liquid courage before the ceremony. 

Make sure you drink just enough to ease your worries on your wedding morning and avoid overdoing it. After you say your wedding vows and finally get to the reception, you can finally spend the evening chugging some of your favourite drinks with your significant other, family, and friends to celebrate the best day of your life.

Adds a splash of colour to your reception

A mobile bar usually has aesthetically pleasing setups that can add colour to your reception. Aside from impressing your guests with the selection of drinks available, the setup itself can serve as an awesome backdrop for photos and create a friendly atmosphere in your venue.


Booze is a big part of any celebration. To take your wedding reception experience to a whole new level, make sure to add a mobile bar. This way, all your loved ones can delight in their favourite drink while creating precious memories and enjoying your special day. All you have to do now is hire a reliable mobile bar provider like us.

Hire a Cocktail Bartender offers wedding mobile bars for hire. Our package includes unlimited drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails, and more. We also serve Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Devon Bath, Brighton, London, and surrounding areas. Book now to make your big day extra special!

hire a cocktail bartender

With your “to-do” list flowing with many tasks and more worrying on your plate, you’re likely at that point where you’ve taken care of many different aspects for an upcoming event.


From the security measures to the guest list, the array of factors you’ll need to take care of never seems to end. Regardless if you’re preparing for a birthday party, a corporate mixer, centennial event, or product launch, you’ll need to take extra care when dealing with every detail you run into, especially when picking out the right bartender in London.


Why it pays to have the right bartender

Unless you’re putting a kids party together, your guests are going to look for drinks, and if you can’t provide them, then you’re going to have some very unhappy attendees. Thankfully, this is where having a skilled bartender—such as Hire A Cocktail Bartender—can best help because it lightens up the atmosphere!


Here are some of the different ways hiring a professional in London can make the most out of your event planning and the experience you provide for your attendees:


  • Constant entertainment
  • Easier socialisation to remedy or avoid any tension in the atmosphere
  • Added class to the overall experience that people have at your event


How much does it cost to hire a bartender in London?

While you may have different questions and concerns in mind as you think about hiring a professional for your event, the chances are that you’re wondering about how much it costs. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of different factors that can affect your final fee so that you can have a much clearer understanding of what to expect:


Factor #1: Event dates

One of the most critical factors that can either heighten or decrease the total payment for a bartender in London is the date of your event.


Generally, professional mixologists charge more when an event happens during a holiday (or on a date during the week before or during the festivity). For instance, December is guaranteed to be more expensive for private events because the demand for mixologists is at its highest and the availability of professionals in your area will drop. If you want a lower price, you’ll probably need to choose a date for your event in the low season (especially because other rental or hiring costs drop accordingly).


Factor #2: Geographic location

Whenever London bartenders provide their final estimation or charge, they’ll always refer to the location where you intend to host your event as a basis of their charges.


It may sound a bit outrageous at first, but the location of your private event directly impacts the cost of your bartender because it affects the preparations they’ll need to take on leading to your event. If you have an event that will take a bit of time to reach, then a professional will charge much higher because they’ll need to write off their whole day, compensating for opportunity costs they incur.


Factor #3: The number of guests you have

As part of their SOP to come prepared, bartenders will need to know how many people are coming to your event as a means to both prepare so that drinks are free-flowing while gauging costs for supplies. If you have a higher number of guests coming in, then expect to have a higher bill because they will need to purchase more liquor and other ingredients to accommodate your guests!



While there are different things to worry about as you put the finishing touches on your event plans, the bartender that you’re hiring is also something worth looking into, especially when it comes to the costs. Thankfully, keeping this guide and the three factors mentioned above will allow you to build a better expectation of how much you’ll need to set aside so that you can keep drinks flowing at your event!


We specialise in catering for small or large events from weddings, corporate events and large festivals to private, birthday parties and product launches in London and the surrounding areas. If you need bartenders for hire, contact us today and our bartenders will help you make your event a success!

hire a cocktail bartender

Planning a successful event means making sure your guests are well-entertained throughout the night. If they’re bored, then you may end up with an event that ends right after dinner, and you’ll be the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.


Although your event doesn’t have to be the watering hole of the night, going for a mobile bar hire in London is an excellent way to spice up your event. With access to a roster of delicious cocktails and drinks, your guests will be raring to hit the dance floor and party all night long. Here are four reasons to hire a mobile bar for your upcoming event:


1. It Helps Keep Your Event Organised

Staying organised and on top of everything is essential to a successful party. If your guest needs something, it’s vital to make sure they have easy, instant access to it. To keep them from scrambling all over the place for a drink, hire a mobile bar to keep your guests satiated all night long with their favourite beverages. You’ll have all your drink essentials in one place, like cups, juices, and alcohol, eliminating the need to make rounds just to refill something. This setup will also help direct traffic and control any ensuing chaos, as everyone knows where to go for a drink.


2. It’s Easy to Move

Mobile bar hire allows you to position your bar anywhere you want, allowing for more flexibility and accessibility. Even though you may have an entirely usable bar in one place, having another setup enables you to host an epic pool party on a hot summer day or indoors for your annual get-together. These mobile bars are also effortless to put together and tear down, making them another convenient must-have.


3. It’s Customisable

Sticking to a bar menu that you don’t like is a recipe for disaster, which is why mobile bars are crucial to any event. You can work with the bartenders to draft a menu you know your guests will love and look for all night long. You can also benefit from a few personalisations, like furnishing the bar with your company logo or event name. You can even request an L-shaped, U-shaped, or straight bar to maximise the available space. Mobile bars help you take it up a notch since they frequently come with various LED lighting, allowing you to transform the event’s atmosphere into one that’s entertaining and exciting.


4. It’s Elegant Yet Entertaining

Getting a mobile bar for your event is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. No one wants to host an event that will end up being boring or usual, and by hiring a cocktail bartender, your event will be anything but regular! They’ll grab your guests’ attention, infuse your event with the luxurious ambience you’ve wanted, and impress everyone with the wide selection of delicious cocktails available. With such a first-class service, your guests will be clamouring for more events hosted by yourself!



Mobile bars are a convenient yet effective way to liven up your event. Whether it’s a house gathering, a company party, or a wedding event, a mobile cocktail bar hire will help make the occasion a memorable one.


If you’re looking for mobile bar hire, let us know at Hire a Cocktail Bartender! We are a drinks catering company for events of all kinds, such as large festivals, small events, product launches, and weddings. Our experienced bartenders for hire can whip up any drink that’s sure to strike your fancy. Contact us today to learn more!