3 Types of Cocktail Receptions And What They Say About You

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In the golden age of blogging and social media, couples are coming up with many unique ideas for their wedding ceremony and the following celebratory reception. Gone are the days of the staid sit-down dinner with a three-hour program. Say hi to the age of the cocktail reception!

Everyone loves a cocktail hour. Drinks are flowing, hors d’oeuvres are circulating, music is pumping, and everyone is happily mingling. You can hire a mobile cocktail bar to spoil all your guests with unlimited drinks and maximize everyone’s enjoyment all night long.

Mobile bars include a stunning bar setup, professional bartenders, and a custom drink menu of multiple cocktails. This is where you can get creative—the drinks and cocktails you choose will say a lot about you!

Signature Cocktails

What It Says About You: Fun, Creative, Fashionable

Your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are two of the most personal events you will ever plan in your life. It’s a perfect evening to highlight your personalities as a couple and as individuals, and to put a unique stamp on every aspect of the event—including the drinks menu!

Treat your guests to each of your favorite drinks along with signature cocktails to match your color scheme or honor your hometown. You can even hire a mixologist to combine your favorite flavors and create your very own wedding drink!

One of the best things about signature drinks is that you can name as creatively as you want. You can call your couple drink the Happily Ever After, or you can come up with witty puns. You can even introduce a competitive element to your cocktail reception by asking your bartender to tally how many guests opt for the bride or the groom’s drink. Announce the winner at the end of the reception and find out which one of you gets bragging rights.

Champagne Reception

What It Says About You: Timeless, Refined, Cultured

Champagne has long been the traditional drink of choice when it comes to weddings. It’s a classic for a reason—it’s sophisticated and celebratory, and it fits seamlessly with just about any wedding theme you choose. Most, if not all of your guests are likely already very familiar with champagne and would happily drink multiple glasses throughout the evening.

Non-Alcoholic Bar

What It Says About You: Healthy, Solicitous, Cool

The millennial generation is all about health consciousness and respecting individuality. Booze-free weddings are becoming more and more common as a growing number of couples believe you don’t need alcohol to have a fun night.

If you want to straddle the line between individuality and tradition, you can go half-and-half and offer a cocktail along with the non-alcoholic version. Your guests will be able to choose which one they prefer.


Cocktail wedding receptions are a fun, modern twist to the traditional wedding reception. You can customize your mobile bar however you want—show off your creativity with signature cocktails, opt for traditional champagne, or even go non-alcoholic. No matter what, the free-flowing drinks will ensure many hours of fun for everyone. Make sure to match your canapés and hors d’oeuvres with your chosen drinks!

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