3 Ways to Make Your At-Home Holiday Celebration a Success

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The holidays this year are, without a doubt, different than they were during the previous years thanks to the global pandemic. However, you can still spread the holiday cheer with your friends and family by hosting intimate gatherings at home that will make the season enjoyable.

Getting ready for holiday small events and dinner parties can sometimes be just as stressful as preparing for larger gatherings. With proper planning, though, you can throw a party your guests will remember for many years to come. Here are some ways to make your at-home holiday celebration smooth and successful:

  • Create a to-do list

The first thing you need to do in the process of planning a party is to make a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Come up with a concept, party style, menu and bar ideas, decor, music, and guest list, then create an actual timeline. This will help you have a better idea of how to get the party started. Don’t hesitate to ask for help for friends or relatives if you need a helping hand in turning your ideal holiday party into reality. 

  • Plan the menu

No celebration would be complete without food and drink. To make your holiday party more memorable, plan your menu strategically and consider your guests’ favourites and dietary restrictions.

Keep the menu simple and serve your loved one’s dishes you know will be a hit. Create a shopping list and a timeline and prepare as much as you can several days before to have hassle-free cooking and preparation on the day of the party. 

Remember that not everything has to be made from scratch. In fact, you can hire expert bartenders and even a personal chef so that all you need to do is relax, sit back, and enjoy time with your loved ones!

  • Hire bartenders

No holiday celebration is complete without some special drinks. A pop-up bar in your venue can become the highlight of your gathering—so why not set one up? 

To avoid playing bartender all night and free up your schedule so you can spend precious time with your guests, make the area simple and self-service. Guests should be able to serve themselves without hassle, so open several bottles of wine, hard liquors, and mixers beforehand and have a wine and beer opener at the ready. 

Set the bar up at least a day before so all you have to do during the day of the event is to prepare some beverages and ice, and you are good to go. Make sure to have non-alcoholic options in your bar offerings, such as sparkling waters, juices, or soft drinks.

Don’t know how to mix drinks or don’t want to be chained to the bar all night without a drink in your hand? Hire our skilled bartenders and mixologists for your holiday event. We offer cocktail bar solutions to help you create a bespoke and one-of-a-kind event. By serving delightful drinks to your guests, your holiday party will become the talk of the town. 


2020 may not be your best year, but you can still share and experience joy with the people dearest to your heart by hosting a holiday party at home. Following the tips mentioned above can help you ensure a successful gathering that will be cherished by your friends and family for a long time. Consider setting up a mobile bar and hiring bartenders to make your event extra special.

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