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Nation Wide Mobile Bar Hire company committed to offer exquisite cocktails for small and large parties.

With 2019 gone Our mobile bar hire services have been on huge demand. Our parties varies from private events such as house celebrations to corporate and function events.

We also specialise in Cocktail Making classes where we create that extra touch for our clients.
One of our latest events was a cocktail class in London for @Makers where 32 guests had to learn how to shake and make some delicious cocktails – all with the help from our professional mixologist Mario.

Each of the guests had their own station which included all the bar equipment as well all the proper glassware for each drink.

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In round one each of them had to learn how to make a Mojito, and I can say that all of them have done this brilliantly. Mario also had to test some of the drinks and his feedback was extremely positive.

In round two all of the guests had
learn how to make an Espresso Baileys Martini which was also our top 3 cocktails on demand last year.

The guests did an absolutely great job by mixing and adding all the right ingredients into the shakers which lead to one of the most exciting and popular cocktail methods – THE SHAKING !

Each of the guests used lots of ice in their shakers and put their sexy face on and started shaking those drinks while doing silly videos of themselves.

Mobile Cocktail Making is Such a great way and fun activity to get your colleagues together and learn how to mix and shake your favouHire a cocktail bartenderrite cocktails,
all with the help from an expert.

We finished the event with a FLAIR PERFORMANCE made by our mixologist Mario where he entertained everyone with some flair juggling and some really cool and extreme signature moves.

The feedback we had from Tommy the organiser was extremely helpful and quite rewarding.

“Tommy Oswin Williams

Mario was absolutely perfect for our event. He was extremely professional at all times and very accommodating. His energy and enthusiasm really kept the event fun and memorable for all. Thanks so much.” 

We are extremely thankful for being a part of this special event and we thank everyone who confide in our services and we look forward working on this project next year as well.

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