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With your “to-do” list flowing with many tasks and more worrying on your plate, you’re likely at that point where you’ve taken care of many different aspects for an upcoming event.


From the security measures to the guest list, the array of factors you’ll need to take care of never seems to end. Regardless if you’re preparing for a birthday party, a corporate mixer, centennial event, or product launch, you’ll need to take extra care when dealing with every detail you run into, especially when picking out the right bartender in London.


Why it pays to have the right bartender

Unless you’re putting a kids party together, your guests are going to look for drinks, and if you can’t provide them, then you’re going to have some very unhappy attendees. Thankfully, this is where having a skilled bartender—such as Hire A Cocktail Bartender—can best help because it lightens up the atmosphere!


Here are some of the different ways hiring a professional in London can make the most out of your event planning and the experience you provide for your attendees:


  • Constant entertainment
  • Easier socialisation to remedy or avoid any tension in the atmosphere
  • Added class to the overall experience that people have at your event


How much does it cost to hire a bartender in London?

While you may have different questions and concerns in mind as you think about hiring a professional for your event, the chances are that you’re wondering about how much it costs. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of different factors that can affect your final fee so that you can have a much clearer understanding of what to expect:


Factor #1: Event dates

One of the most critical factors that can either heighten or decrease the total payment for a bartender in London is the date of your event.


Generally, professional mixologists charge more when an event happens during a holiday (or on a date during the week before or during the festivity). For instance, December is guaranteed to be more expensive for private events because the demand for mixologists is at its highest and the availability of professionals in your area will drop. If you want a lower price, you’ll probably need to choose a date for your event in the low season (especially because other rental or hiring costs drop accordingly).


Factor #2: Geographic location

Whenever London bartenders provide their final estimation or charge, they’ll always refer to the location where you intend to host your event as a basis of their charges.


It may sound a bit outrageous at first, but the location of your private event directly impacts the cost of your bartender because it affects the preparations they’ll need to take on leading to your event. If you have an event that will take a bit of time to reach, then a professional will charge much higher because they’ll need to write off their whole day, compensating for opportunity costs they incur.


Factor #3: The number of guests you have

As part of their SOP to come prepared, bartenders will need to know how many people are coming to your event as a means to both prepare so that drinks are free-flowing while gauging costs for supplies. If you have a higher number of guests coming in, then expect to have a higher bill because they will need to purchase more liquor and other ingredients to accommodate your guests!



While there are different things to worry about as you put the finishing touches on your event plans, the bartender that you’re hiring is also something worth looking into, especially when it comes to the costs. Thankfully, keeping this guide and the three factors mentioned above will allow you to build a better expectation of how much you’ll need to set aside so that you can keep drinks flowing at your event!


We specialise in catering for small or large events from weddings, corporate events and large festivals to private, birthday parties and product launches in London and the surrounding areas. If you need bartenders for hire, contact us today and our bartenders will help you make your event a success!

hire a cocktail bartender

Planning a successful event means making sure your guests are well-entertained throughout the night. If they’re bored, then you may end up with an event that ends right after dinner, and you’ll be the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.


Although your event doesn’t have to be the watering hole of the night, going for a mobile bar hire in London is an excellent way to spice up your event. With access to a roster of delicious cocktails and drinks, your guests will be raring to hit the dance floor and party all night long. Here are four reasons to hire a mobile bar for your upcoming event:


1. It Helps Keep Your Event Organised

Staying organised and on top of everything is essential to a successful party. If your guest needs something, it’s vital to make sure they have easy, instant access to it. To keep them from scrambling all over the place for a drink, hire a mobile bar to keep your guests satiated all night long with their favourite beverages. You’ll have all your drink essentials in one place, like cups, juices, and alcohol, eliminating the need to make rounds just to refill something. This setup will also help direct traffic and control any ensuing chaos, as everyone knows where to go for a drink.


2. It’s Easy to Move

Mobile bar hire allows you to position your bar anywhere you want, allowing for more flexibility and accessibility. Even though you may have an entirely usable bar in one place, having another setup enables you to host an epic pool party on a hot summer day or indoors for your annual get-together. These mobile bars are also effortless to put together and tear down, making them another convenient must-have.


3. It’s Customisable

Sticking to a bar menu that you don’t like is a recipe for disaster, which is why mobile bars are crucial to any event. You can work with the bartenders to draft a menu you know your guests will love and look for all night long. You can also benefit from a few personalisations, like furnishing the bar with your company logo or event name. You can even request an L-shaped, U-shaped, or straight bar to maximise the available space. Mobile bars help you take it up a notch since they frequently come with various LED lighting, allowing you to transform the event’s atmosphere into one that’s entertaining and exciting.


4. It’s Elegant Yet Entertaining

Getting a mobile bar for your event is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. No one wants to host an event that will end up being boring or usual, and by hiring a cocktail bartender, your event will be anything but regular! They’ll grab your guests’ attention, infuse your event with the luxurious ambience you’ve wanted, and impress everyone with the wide selection of delicious cocktails available. With such a first-class service, your guests will be clamouring for more events hosted by yourself!



Mobile bars are a convenient yet effective way to liven up your event. Whether it’s a house gathering, a company party, or a wedding event, a mobile cocktail bar hire will help make the occasion a memorable one.


If you’re looking for mobile bar hire, let us know at Hire a Cocktail Bartender! We are a drinks catering company for events of all kinds, such as large festivals, small events, product launches, and weddings. Our experienced bartenders for hire can whip up any drink that’s sure to strike your fancy. Contact us today to learn more!

hire a cocktail bartender

You’ve already put together most of the details for your wedding, which means you’ve arranged everything from your dress, veil, flowers, and your vows. However, after the wedding comes the part that everyone looks forward to the most—the reception! It’s the ultimate opportunity to celebrate your newly cemented marriage with your family and close friends, which means you’ll have to keep the alcohol flowing. While you’ll have plenty of beer and wine around, that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the cocktails.


Cocktails are a must for every celebration, as they offer a fun twist to many alcoholic drinks out there. Plus, your guests might not be in the mood for your regular old beer, and they might want to explore new beverages that might tickle their fancy. Here are seven cocktails your wedding guests will love:


1. Blueberry Mojito

If you’ve been worrying about your something blue for your wedding, it can very well be this delicious drink! Everyone loves a mojito, and this fresh take on the classic cocktail uses fresh blueberries, providing more tang and kick. You can even explore other berry mojitos, like raspberry or strawberry mojitos, if you’d like to offer more colourful options.


2. Watermelon Refresher

Summer weddings require summer drinks, so taking advantage of a watermelon refresher is sure to keep your guests energised and ready to dance the night away. Strawberry is another zesty ingredient you can throw into a mix, and mixing these with vodka, ginger, lime, and basil will offer a cocktail your guests will love.


3. Champagne and Fruit

Some guests like to keep it simple with a slight twist, so offering a champagne and fruit drink is the best way to strike a balance. You can throw in some pears and skewed blueberries to make the glass look even more impressive.


4. Margaritas

No fiesta is complete without margaritas. These tequila-infused beverages are sure to kick off the night on an electric start, and your guests will be hitting the dance floor for hours with a margarita in hand. Margaritas are a wedding staple, and your reception definitely won’t be complete without one!


5. The Newlyweds’ Special Drinks

Another way to make your reception a night to remember is by concocting your special drink, available for just that night. If you have no mixology experience, then wedding bartenders for hire are the perfect professionals to consult. They can tailor the bar offerings to you and your spouse’s personalities, and they’ll be so delicious, your guests will be dying to know the recipe!


6. Lavender Infused Cocktails

If your nuptials are taking place in the spring, then you’ll want seasonal cocktails to keep with the theme. Lavender cocktails are among the most popular beverages throughout the greener months. Adding a sprig of the flower to each champagne flute is sure to catch eyes and bring more profound and exciting flavours to a drink. They can even match your accessories or your bridesmaids’ dresses, rounding out your celebration even more!


7. Caribbean Mist

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a destination wedding taking place on golden shores with crystalline blue waters, then Caribbean Mist is the ultimate cocktail for your celebration. This classic combination of mango rum, pineapple juice, Blue Curacao, and soda water will match the gorgeous hues of the ocean while tantalising your guests’ taste buds.



Drafting your cocktail list can be a daunting task, but including these signature cocktails will light up your night even more. By hiring a bartender for your reception, not only will you have access to an endless list of cocktails; you won’t have to worry about supplying your guests with these delicious drinks all night long!


Hire a Cocktail Bartender is a drinks caterer for small or large events like weddings, corporate events, large festivals, birthday parties, and product launches. We’re the ones to call any time to need to hire a cocktail bartender. Contact us today to find out how we can make your event more memorable!

hire a cocktail bartender

Mobile bars may have started out as a cool, yet one-dimensional trend—but as its popularity continued to grow, so too did the variety and quality of the services these services offer. Premium mobile bars have evolved to become much more than converted vans or trucks. They are now mainstays for different events, whether it’s a bar hire for weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events.


If you’re having a tough time deciding on a venue for your event because of the limited bar options, then here are several reasons why you should definitely hire a mobile bar instead:



Hiring a mobile bar is a cost-effective option that allows you to control your spending by choosing exactly what you want to offer guests. You can choose to have a pre-paid bar, set up a tab, or allow your guests to buy their drinks after a certain time cutoff.


Some traditional bars in fancier clubs or other venues tend to overprice their drinks. By opting for a mobile bar, you can get competitively priced drinks that are more affordable than other places!


More Flexibility and Control

The greatest benefit of a mobile bar is that it gives customers full flexibility with the venues they can choose from. Whether you choose to have a party in your backyard, a rented house, or any other venue of your choice, fully staffed mobile bars can adjust to your setup and provide the same professional service. This way, you aren’t restricted to hosting your events in places with a traditional bar.


You can play around with your options when hiring a mobile bar. For example, spring and summer events can be held in venues where mobile cocktail bars can be set up on the terrace or outside lawn.


Branding, Theme, and Personalisation

Some events incorporate their theme into every aspect of the venue and program, with each piece of decoration carefully selected to follow the colour coding. Guests enjoy this theme until they get to the bar, which will often look starkly different from the rest of the venue. It hurts the illusion a little bit and disrupts the experience of the event!


Unlike traditional bars, mobile bars are opportunities for you to add your personal touch and brand. Newlyweds, for instance, get the chance to decorate a mobile bar with their wedding monogram. Corporate events can use mobile bars as a branding opportunity to reinforce the company’s image while increasing brand awareness for their consumers or buyers. It’s a perfect way to accompany product launches and celebrate milestones!


You can go all out with the personalisation of the mobile bar, from special cocktail concoctions in your corporate colours to tailored menu items to create the right impression. It’s entirely up to you!


The Entertainment Factor

The great thing about mobile bars is the creativity they can include in their presentation. Typically more difficult for traditional bars to do, mobile bars can add flair bartenders, customisable drinks, or interactive elements for party-goers.


If you’re the party host, then hiring a house party bartender will surely give your guests an experience to remember!



Traditional bars are dependable if you can find just the right venue. However, not everybody can snag the perfect arrangements or have enough in their budget to rent a club or other venue, especially during peak seasons. Mobile bars give you the flexibility to host your party nearly anywhere and still get a top-notch bartending experience for your guests. With options to personalise the bar just how you want it, you’ll be sure to host an event that all of your guests will enjoy!


With Hire a Cocktail Bartender, you can get one of the best mobile bar hires in London to cater for your event. We offer cocktail bartenders, mobile bars, flair bartenders, and waiting staff to cover your needs, be it for weddings, corporate functions, and more intimate, private events. Contact us to make a booking for your event!

hire a cocktail bartender

Sometimes, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress, their choices of accessories, how they interact with people, what coffee they usually get, and their go-to cocktail.


You’ve probably experienced sitting by the bar and describing a drink to a bartender, asking them to make a drink that’s “subtle but packs a mean punch.” Your descriptors could sound like someone’s personality, right? Or maybe it could sound like you. This is because every cocktail also has their own personality and finding the perfect one that fits yours is incredibly fun to do.


When you find your ideal go-to cocktail drink, you’ll always have something to order when you head to a bar. And better yet, it might even push you to join online cocktail classes, so that you can mix and create personality-based drinks for your family and friends.


You’re probably curious about what cocktail fits your personality. If that’s the case, keep reading. Here’s a list of some personalities and their matching cocktail drink!


If you’re quite indecisive

The perfect drink for indecisive personalities is the whiskey sour because it holds a ton of different flavours. From the pleasing acidity of lemon juice and the creamy texture given by the egg white and sugar to the subtle fruity notes from cherries and lemon rind, the whiskey sour can do no wrong.


So if you’re choosing between a sour and sweet drink, just go for both and ask for a whiskey sour.


If you’re a bar regular

There are different types of people who go to bars: those who drink all the subtle and sweet drinks, have no strategy at all and inevitably get wasted, and those strategic and experienced drinkers who have a foolproof drinking strategy.


If you’re one of the latter, the vodka soda is perfect for you. Experienced drinkers want that heavy buzz but would like to consume less sugar and calories. So if you’re a strategic drinker, this one’s for you!


If you’re more low-key

Do you enjoy people watching and staying as low-key as possible? Enjoy your quiet time with a glass of negroni. The negroni is perfect because it remains delicious even if you drink it for a whole happy hour.


Although this drink is bitter and strong, you’ll find comfort in dissecting its complexities. It might even push you to join online cocktail classes so you can make one in the comforts of your home where you can remain low-key in peace.


If you’re sweet and friendly

If you’re a fan of sweet things and friendly conversations, the piña colada is perfect for you. This drink masks the intense flavours of alcohol and instead, gives you a perfect symphony of sweet and tropical flavour notes. So if you want to keep the conversation going and have a good time, the piña colada is your go-to drink!


If you’re the mysterious type

Do you like showing up for an hour at parties, observe the crowd and maybe leave without notice? A gimlet is your ideal cocktail drink. A gimlet is a quick drink that contains gin, lime juice, and tonic soda. Don’t be fooled by how minimal it looks because it can give you a buzz after a few sips.



There are a ton of different cocktails that you can try to find one that best fits your personality. However, these five cocktails should give you an idea of how you can pair drinks with different types of characters. Fortunately, you can learn more about cocktails by joining online cocktail classes so that you can effectively pair the right kind of cocktail with the right friend!


If you want to start mixing your own drinks and develop your own cocktail recipes, Hire A Cocktail Bartender can help you. Besides mobile and cocktail bar hires and cocktail bar solutions, we also offer mobile and online cocktail classes to help you start a fun booze journey in the comforts of your home. Book a class today!

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Because there are a plethora of cocktail choices to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect one for you. Some people will even try enrolling in cocktail making classes to learn how to mix drinks to create their ideal cocktail. But, did you know that you could be drawn to a particular cocktail based on your zodiac sign? 

If you’re curious about what cocktails best represent your sun sign, keep reading. Here are some of the signature cocktails based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries (March 20 to April 21)

Because Aries individuals are incredibly passionate and born leaders, the perfect drink for them is the finest champagne. But try giving in a twist by adding a bit of crème de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur. It will provide your champagne a lovely pink hue and a wonderful burst of juicy berry notes!

Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

People with Taurus as their sun sign are incredibly hardworking but also enjoy self-care and luxury. For this reason, their signature drink should be the elegant and complex yet straightforward Gin & Tonic. 

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Geminis love to have fun and are usually the life of the party. Because of that, their signature cocktail drink is the tequila sunrise. If you want to get the party started right away, you can count on a Gemini to start the fun with a glass of this tequila-based drink.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

Cancers are natural nurturers. With that, their go-to drink should be a painkiller. This tiki drink is a fun twist on a piña colada. When you take a sip, you’re definitely going to relax and chill. Learn how to make this drink at home by joining cocktail making classes, and impress your friends when they come over. Now your cancer tendencies are in overdrive!

Leo (July 23 to August 23)

Leos are adoring, confident and love to be the centre of attention. What perfect way to pair this personality with a wine cocktail, such as a sangria!

Virgo (August 24 to September 22)

For the perfectionist earth sign goddess, their signature drink is the earthy and herby mojito. This cocktail will give you a mouthful of herby goodness and a splash of minty freshness.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

A born mediator, Libras love to keep things chill and relaxed. Because of this, their signature cocktail drink is a paloma. This delicious blend of tequila and sweet-sour grapefruit will definitely keep things chill and calm.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 22)

Scorpios are known to be passionate and mysterious, so the best cocktail that compliments their personality is a mint julep. This drink has a mysterious and smokey bourbon base with a hint of mint for that extra spark. 

Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21)

Sagittarius loves to go on adventures and explore. Because of that, their signature drink is the exotic caipirinha from Brazil. This cocktail drink tastes like a relaxing beach vacation, perfect for the adventurer of the zodiac!

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20)

Capricorns are strong, simple and incredibly hardworking, and the perfect no-fuss cocktail drink for this sign is the traditional and classic Negroni.

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

Aquarians love to play and have fun, and are sometimes indecisive, so the best go-to cocktail for them is the quick Aperol spritz. This wine-based drink is fun and rebellious, just like a playful Aquarius. 

Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

The dreamer of the bunch, Pisces love to go with the flow and love all things creative. The perfect drink for these people is a salted-rim margarita on the rocks because of its subtle sweetness and the ability to add a bit of twist and creativity to make this drink your own. 


Now that you know the signature cocktail based on your zodiac, why not enrol in cocktail making classes and learn how to concoct these delicious drinks? If you want to have a bit more fun, host a zodiac sign party and have your cocktail bartenders mix these drinks based on your sign!

Do you want to learn how to mix your own cocktail drinks? Check out Hire a Cocktail Bartender. Besides providing mobile bars and bartenders, we also offer cocktail making classes for those who want to start mixing their own drinks at home whenever they want. Learn more about our classes today!

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Holiday celebrations are going to be different this year because of the global pandemic. While stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations are still in place, you and your friends and loved ones can still have fun, spend an enjoyable time together, and drink your favorite beverages by attending cocktail making classes. This way, you can master the true art of cocktail making, connect with like-minded individuals who have the same passion as you, and let your loved ones delight in the drinks you recently learned to mix. Here are some reasons why you should consider going to these classes:

  • Cocktail making is more than just mixing ingredients

Many people think that cocktail mixing only needs putting in the required ingredients to make a quality drink. However, it is more than that. It can be complicated and takes time and effort to master, so make sure you follow the correct process and add the right amount of ingredients in the proper order.

What makes every cocktail one-of-a-kind is it encourages you to add a part of you in the drink you make. For instance, you can use a well-loved local ingredient or an herb that you think best represents you. This way, you can express your uniqueness through beverages and appreciate the craft better.

  • You can turn your hobby into a career

Your interest in cocktail making may have influenced you to attend online classes. However, you can delve deeper into the art and hone your skills by learning bartending along with cocktail making. Doing this lets you learn more about basic skills, such as the proper muddling, shaking, serving, and pouring techniques. You can apply what you have learned by opening up your own business or simply showcase your skills during holiday parties.

  • Share your knowledge during online “happy hours”

The pandemic normalized holding meetings and other social gatherings through digital platforms, like Zoom. E-parties serve as a great way to catch up with friends and family, especially during this holiday season. 

While you and your loved ones are miles away, you can still enjoy cocktails together by holding online “happy hours.” You can share the fundamentals, bar lingo, and other fun experiences and stories you had during your cocktail making classes. Doing this lets them have a deeper appreciation of their favorite drinks and provides you with a new way to spend time with them.

  • You can relieve your stress at home

Lounging at the bar and having a meaningful conversation with your friends may be one of your typical ways to unwind and relieve stress after a long, tiring day before the pandemic. But now that you are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, you may be missing the pub’s look and atmosphere. 

Fortunately, you can recreate the same drinking experience when you take cocktail making classes. Your sessions will help you learn how to make your favorites, which allows you to enjoy them even while you’re at home. You can even set up a functional home bar and invest in quality bar tools and equipment to level up your drinks.


Attending social gatherings are currently frowned upon today, but don’t let the lack of Friday night excitement and Saturday night parties hinder you from sipping on your favorite classic drinks. You can still stay away from bars, pubs, and restaurants and indulge in cocktails by learning the art of mixing alcohol through online cocktail making classes. 

Gain the skills and know-how to make and enjoy your favorite cocktails from the comfort of your home by attending our mobile cocktail making classes. We serve clients in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Devon Bath, Brighton, London, and surrounding areas. Enroll now!

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Before you walk down the aisle, every blushing bride deserves to enjoy a special, urban adventure with their girlfriends. After months of planning for the big day, you deserve to have fun with the ladies and drink all night for a mind-blowing, hen party. 

Instead of heading down neon-clad clubs, why not put a twist on your hen night by sitting in a cocktail making class? When you practice the art of mixology in your hen night, letting loose with the girls never looked and tasted this classy! 

Benefit #1: Go All Out on the Entertainment Without Much Planning 

Planning for your dream wedding can be time-consuming, so there’s little-to-no time to squeeze your attention into creating the perfect hen party even with your friends taking the lead. You still have to think about hosting, the games, and other forms of entertainment to keep the momentum going.

When it comes to cocktail classes, you can sit back, look glamorous with your gals, and relax with a colourful array of drinks in hand. The only effort you have to do is to bring everyone there and make a toast for the unique experience!

Benefit #2: Discover Exciting Cocktail Mixes with Friends 

Cocktails are one of the tastiest ways to get a buzz, but cocktail making classes take it to the next level since it’s the prime time to go all out on different flavours and play around with never-been-ordered blends. 

Other than discovering new cocktail mixes, you can also bring home some tips, tricks, and the right skills to whip up a delectable concoction of your own at home! Use this newfound knowledge of complimentary spirits and flavourings to celebrate the next chapter of your life with your partner. 

Benefit #3: Drink to Your Heart’s Desire 

There’s no room to feel bored when you’re in a cocktail making class, especially if it means crafting the best drinks to share with your girlfriends. This will be an exciting way to pick up a new party trick, especially when it involves beating the learning curve with all your hens.

The Bottom Line: How a Cocktail Making Class can Make for an Unforgettable Hen Party 

Hen parties are all about having a good time with friends, but a night out with your wistful gals won’t be complete without some colourful drinks to garnish the event. While bar hopping has its appeal, getting dressed up for a master class in cocktail making sounds better since you get to sharpen your mixology skills and indulge in creative, intoxicating drinks at the same time. 

Why Choose Us?

Before tying down the knot, why not elevate your hen night by attending a cocktail making class in London, UK? We can help loosen your nerves and pump you up for your special day! You can also take the experience to greater heights by hiring our expert barman to kick off your party, birthdays, or wedding with a bang. 

Book us now and see what we can do to provide bespoke and unique cocktail services for your events! 


If you want your friends and family to get together to bond and have fun, consider hosting a fabulous cocktail party. Cocktail parties, unlike other formal parties, are more casual and personal. This is why you can easily host one in the comforts of your home or intimate space. 

The great thing about cocktail parties is that you have more room to squeeze in personal touches and have a more intimate setup. To make their party more put-together, some hosts hire personal chefs or even consider a mobile bar hire to add more flair, thought and uniqueness into their parties. 

So many experiences and events in your life deserve a good celebration, so if you’re looking for a reason to plan a party, keep reading!

Significant milestones

Whenever people receive good fortune, such as promotions, a career achievement, graduation or passing an exam, the first thing they’ll want to do is to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

The great thing about throwing cocktail parties is that you can plan a party for your loved one who’s recently experienced a significant milestone in their life as a different way of congratulating them.

Find out everything the guest of honour loves, such as their favourite drink combinations and make a personalised cocktail drink based on that. To do this, hire a bartender for a house party who can create unique and delicious concoctions for an unforgettable and boozy night!

Celebrate life

Birthday celebrations are no-brainer excuses to throw a cocktail party. Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s, throwing a huge birthday party can be too much for some. And because of that, consider hosting a low-key and intimate party instead. 

A fantastic way to celebrate a birthday intimately is to have a low-key but memorable theme, such as a fancy pyjama party where your guests will wear their comfiest and fashionable pyjama sets. If you want something a bit fancier, go for a monochrome theme and have the guest of honour dress in colour. This way, the celebrant will surely stand out and have all eyes on them.

When you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, you’re celebrating the person’s life and the important people who are huge parts of their story. Look for an intimate space where you can accommodate a handful of friends, and book a mobile bar so you can have mouth-watering drinks with a professional bar setup!

End of a story

For some people, celebrating a breakup or an end of a relationship isn’t a cause for celebration; however, we think otherwise. Think of breakups as the end of a chapter of your life and that you’re ready to start a new chapter and fill it with unique and beautiful memories.

Since breakups can be challenging for some, hosting a cocktail party is a great way to remind the guest of honour that he or she is surrounded by fantastic support and love. 

A terrific way to throw a breakup party is to go through a makeover and have a revelation night. Here, you can show off your new look, which will give you more confidence and motivation to start a new chapter in your life. 


One of the best things about hosting cocktail parties is that you have the opportunity to play around with concepts and themes to make it feel entirely your own. Hopefully, this list of cocktail party ideas has inspired you to host one soon. So, start creating your guest list, think of a concept and book a mobile bar hire; have a cocktail party you and your loved ones will never forget!

What’s a party without awesome cocktail drinks? With Hire A Cocktail Bartender, we’ll ensure that your events, big or small, have the best bartenders who’ll concoct delicious drinks for you and your friends. We offer cocktail bartenders, mobile bars, flair bartenders and waiting staff. Hire a bartender for a house party today!

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The holidays this year are, without a doubt, different than they were during the previous years thanks to the global pandemic. However, you can still spread the holiday cheer with your friends and family by hosting intimate gatherings at home that will make the season enjoyable.

Getting ready for holiday small events and dinner parties can sometimes be just as stressful as preparing for larger gatherings. With proper planning, though, you can throw a party your guests will remember for many years to come. Here are some ways to make your at-home holiday celebration smooth and successful:

  • Create a to-do list

The first thing you need to do in the process of planning a party is to make a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Come up with a concept, party style, menu and bar ideas, decor, music, and guest list, then create an actual timeline. This will help you have a better idea of how to get the party started. Don’t hesitate to ask for help for friends or relatives if you need a helping hand in turning your ideal holiday party into reality. 

  • Plan the menu

No celebration would be complete without food and drink. To make your holiday party more memorable, plan your menu strategically and consider your guests’ favourites and dietary restrictions.

Keep the menu simple and serve your loved one’s dishes you know will be a hit. Create a shopping list and a timeline and prepare as much as you can several days before to have hassle-free cooking and preparation on the day of the party. 

Remember that not everything has to be made from scratch. In fact, you can hire expert bartenders and even a personal chef so that all you need to do is relax, sit back, and enjoy time with your loved ones!

  • Hire bartenders

No holiday celebration is complete without some special drinks. A pop-up bar in your venue can become the highlight of your gathering—so why not set one up? 

To avoid playing bartender all night and free up your schedule so you can spend precious time with your guests, make the area simple and self-service. Guests should be able to serve themselves without hassle, so open several bottles of wine, hard liquors, and mixers beforehand and have a wine and beer opener at the ready. 

Set the bar up at least a day before so all you have to do during the day of the event is to prepare some beverages and ice, and you are good to go. Make sure to have non-alcoholic options in your bar offerings, such as sparkling waters, juices, or soft drinks.

Don’t know how to mix drinks or don’t want to be chained to the bar all night without a drink in your hand? Hire our skilled bartenders and mixologists for your holiday event. We offer cocktail bar solutions to help you create a bespoke and one-of-a-kind event. By serving delightful drinks to your guests, your holiday party will become the talk of the town. 


2020 may not be your best year, but you can still share and experience joy with the people dearest to your heart by hosting a holiday party at home. Following the tips mentioned above can help you ensure a successful gathering that will be cherished by your friends and family for a long time. Consider setting up a mobile bar and hiring bartenders to make your event extra special.

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