Considering Hiring a Mobile Bar? Here’s Why You Should

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Mobile bars may have started out as a cool, yet one-dimensional trend—but as its popularity continued to grow, so too did the variety and quality of the services these services offer. Premium mobile bars have evolved to become much more than converted vans or trucks. They are now mainstays for different events, whether it’s a bar hire for weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events.


If you’re having a tough time deciding on a venue for your event because of the limited bar options, then here are several reasons why you should definitely hire a mobile bar instead:



Hiring a mobile bar is a cost-effective option that allows you to control your spending by choosing exactly what you want to offer guests. You can choose to have a pre-paid bar, set up a tab, or allow your guests to buy their drinks after a certain time cutoff.


Some traditional bars in fancier clubs or other venues tend to overprice their drinks. By opting for a mobile bar, you can get competitively priced drinks that are more affordable than other places!


More Flexibility and Control

The greatest benefit of a mobile bar is that it gives customers full flexibility with the venues they can choose from. Whether you choose to have a party in your backyard, a rented house, or any other venue of your choice, fully staffed mobile bars can adjust to your setup and provide the same professional service. This way, you aren’t restricted to hosting your events in places with a traditional bar.


You can play around with your options when hiring a mobile bar. For example, spring and summer events can be held in venues where mobile cocktail bars can be set up on the terrace or outside lawn.


Branding, Theme, and Personalisation

Some events incorporate their theme into every aspect of the venue and program, with each piece of decoration carefully selected to follow the colour coding. Guests enjoy this theme until they get to the bar, which will often look starkly different from the rest of the venue. It hurts the illusion a little bit and disrupts the experience of the event!


Unlike traditional bars, mobile bars are opportunities for you to add your personal touch and brand. Newlyweds, for instance, get the chance to decorate a mobile bar with their wedding monogram. Corporate events can use mobile bars as a branding opportunity to reinforce the company’s image while increasing brand awareness for their consumers or buyers. It’s a perfect way to accompany product launches and celebrate milestones!


You can go all out with the personalisation of the mobile bar, from special cocktail concoctions in your corporate colours to tailored menu items to create the right impression. It’s entirely up to you!


The Entertainment Factor

The great thing about mobile bars is the creativity they can include in their presentation. Typically more difficult for traditional bars to do, mobile bars can add flair bartenders, customisable drinks, or interactive elements for party-goers.


If you’re the party host, then hiring a house party bartender will surely give your guests an experience to remember!



Traditional bars are dependable if you can find just the right venue. However, not everybody can snag the perfect arrangements or have enough in their budget to rent a club or other venue, especially during peak seasons. Mobile bars give you the flexibility to host your party nearly anywhere and still get a top-notch bartending experience for your guests. With options to personalise the bar just how you want it, you’ll be sure to host an event that all of your guests will enjoy!


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