Reasons Why Hiring a Bartender for Your Party Is a Good Idea


Hosting and organising a party can be a lot of work. You will need to find the right venue for your event, look into what food and drinks will be served and many other details. Since you will already have so much on your plate, why not consider hiring a bartender to handle part of the hosting responsibilities for you?

Why Hire a Bartender for Your Party?

Being the host of a party can become extremely stressful if you don’t plan it well. Hiring a bartender will not only give you an extra set of hands that will help you please your guests. Here are the top three reasons why you should hire a mixologist for your party.

1 – Save Time, Money and Effort

A party can become very costly. You will need enough supplies, food and drinks to keep all your guests (and whoever they decide to bring along to the party) happy. Having a bartender will help you with calculating how much supplies you will need for your party. Without the input of a bartender, it will be very easy for a host to overspend on these party supplies.

2 – Be a Good Host

Hosting a party can take up a lot of your time. If you do not have anyone to help you with the other things that need to get done, you will find yourself being more of a servant than a host at your own party. This is why hiring a bartender will be a great help. 

It is a bartender’s responsibility to take charge of the drinks and look into the food platters if they need refilling. Having someone else take those two tasks off your to-do list during the party will allow you to be a good host and attend to your guests.

With the bartender busy with serving the food and drinks, you will be able to mingle and talk to your guests. You will never need to excuse yourself from a conversation when you need to get more drinks or you notice that some of the serving platters are almost empty.

3 – Regulation of Alcohol Consumption

This is a real problem that many hosts have at parties. Many of the guests find themselves drinking more as the party goes on. If there is no bartender present to regulate the guests’ alcohol consumption, guests will have free access to alcohol at the party. 

Bartenders have a vast knowledge of cocktails and the proper measurement of the base alcohols that are to be added to each cocktail. They will serve only correctly prepared cocktails with the appropriate alcohol measurement to the guests, and keep a watchful eye out for people who look like they are having a little too much to drink. Guests who are supposed to drive home will still be able to do so safely while still being able to enjoy themselves at the party. 


Hosting a party can be a lot of fun if you have a bartender by your side to take care of all the unsavoury aspects of planning and hosting. Bartenders have a lot of experience with parties and pop-up bars, and they will usually know what to expect. With their help, you will be able to be the best host and maybe even enjoy yourself a little at your party.

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