Signature Cocktails: Why You Need to Serve Them at Your Event

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An event isn’t complete without a steady flow of delicious drinks and cocktails for your guests. For this reason, many people hire a cocktail bartender to ensure that everyone gets fantastic cocktails throughout the night.

However, some hosts mistake scraping off signature cocktails in their drinks menu and opt for customized drinks. Though this isn’t entirely wrong, it’s still important to leave a glass or two of signature cocktails in your list of offerings. 

People think that when you have signature cocktails on the menu, you’re limiting your guest’s choices. But having signature cocktails on your menu is an invaluable part of the party as it contributes to your event’s flow and vibe. 

If you’re still iffy about including a signature cocktail in your menu, keep reading. Here, you’ll learn why you need to keep that signature cocktail on your list and how it completes your entire party.

It’s a Great Way to Start the Party

Sometimes walking into the event venue can be daunting and awkward for many guests. They’re often not sure of where to go, what exactly the protocol is, or they just simply don’t know what to do. A great way to ease their awkwardness is by handing them a drink so they feel welcome and part of the crowd. 

It Keeps Things Moving

One of the high-traffic and busy areas in your venue would be the bar. And since you offered a fantastic signature cocktail upon your guest’s arrival, you can guarantee that your bartenders will be shaking and pouring drinks throughout the night.

The great thing about signature drinks is that you can control the flow of orders by keeping them contained in ready to drink bottles. This way, when you hire a cocktail bartender, they’ll have drinks ready for when the festivities start, eliminating long lines and people waiting for their drinks. 

It Enhances Your Party’s Theme

There are a variety of signature cocktails you can choose from, and for that reason, finding one that will suit your party’s theme will be such a breeze. 

For example, if you have an elegant occasion, having champagne ready connotes that special experience. And if you have an Asian-themed party, you can throw in some sake to balance out the umami flavours of your finger foods. 

On the other hand, if you’re having a beach wedding, fun drinks like mojitos will definitely elevate the spirits in your event.

It Gives Your Guests a Sense of Familiarity

Although having customized drinks on the menus can definitely make your event unique and unforgettable, some of your guests may want familiar mixes. Having both a signature cocktail menu and personalized drinks will help keep all your guests happy as they have something unique as well as something familiar to choose from. 

The Bottom Line: Signature Cocktails Matter; They Should Stay on the Menu

A party isn’t complete without delicious booze flowing in and out of the bar. This is why any party host would hire a cocktail bartender to ensure that everyone has a great time drinking fantastic cocktails.

If you plan on serving drinks at your party, make sure to squeeze in one or two signature drinks into the mix to help keep the party’s flow and energy in high vibrations. 

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