Top 4 Trending Cocktails in the UK

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Wistful tipplers craving for a shot of excitement can quench their thirst for thrills with classic cocktails that never seem to fall out of season in the UK. Whether it’s embracing your chicness with a Moscow mule, imagine yourself in a tropical escape with a piña colada, or beat the afternoon slump with an espresso martini, there’s bound to be a cocktail that suits your palate!

If you’re in the mood to stick with the go-to cocktails or find yourself tongue-tied in front of the bartender, the colourful list below should ensure your round of tipples end on a high note with these all-time favourite cocktails sweeping in electric bars of the UK: 

Trending #1: Mojito 

Perhaps the most perennial favourite that never goes out of style is the mojito, a go-to choice for those who want something refreshing, tart, and zingy for the night. This is a kind of rum that is light on the tastebuds as the drink adds sugar to tickle the taste buds, while a slice of fresh lime gives the cocktail its signature brightness. 

Top it off with mint, and you’ll get a sunny, delicious pick-me-up for the night ahead! It may be simple, but it’s a cocktail that is sure to spice up your mood. 

Trending #2: Piña Colada

Taking the essence of summer in one drink, the piña colada is a classic drink that tastes just like how you would imagine a beach getaway: bright, sweet, and tropical with creamy notes of coconut bringing out the rum’s chiller side. Drinking a piña colada often feels like basking under the sun, and the tasty spirit booster can make anyone unapologetically bust out in a song. 

Trending #3: Espresso Martini 

Coffee lovers who want to kickstart their tipples on an energetic note should find espresso martini up in their alley. As the moniker suggests, it’s an alcoholic “wake me up” that embraces the darker and dirtier-looking side of cocktails as it’s the opposite of your usual fruity, summertime drinks. 

It’s an unsuspecting pairing that is surprisingly a match made in heaven as the bitter nuances of a fresh brew bring out the sweetness from vodka. Coffee liqueur gives it a more mature, earthy taste, making it an excellent choice for those in need of a kick.

Trending #4: Old-Fashioned

People in love with the classics often find charm in the old-fashioned, so why not embody this by ordering one of the oldest cocktails known to have won the test of time? Taking the flavours of the Victorian era, the old-fashioned has been hitting bars since the 1800s as the whiskey takes on a deeper flavour with deep saccharine notes from sugar syrup, maturity from bitters, and a bright finisher with a garnish of orange peel. 

The Bottom Line: You Can’t Go Wrong With Classic Cocktails 

If you’re craving to let loose and enjoy drinks that are sure to tickle your taste buds, then the list above explores classic cocktails that never seem to go out of style no matter the season. 

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