What Cocktail You Should Drink Based on Your Personality?

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Sometimes, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress, their choices of accessories, how they interact with people, what coffee they usually get, and their go-to cocktail.


You’ve probably experienced sitting by the bar and describing a drink to a bartender, asking them to make a drink that’s “subtle but packs a mean punch.” Your descriptors could sound like someone’s personality, right? Or maybe it could sound like you. This is because every cocktail also has their own personality and finding the perfect one that fits yours is incredibly fun to do.


When you find your ideal go-to cocktail drink, you’ll always have something to order when you head to a bar. And better yet, it might even push you to join online cocktail classes, so that you can mix and create personality-based drinks for your family and friends.


You’re probably curious about what cocktail fits your personality. If that’s the case, keep reading. Here’s a list of some personalities and their matching cocktail drink!


If you’re quite indecisive

The perfect drink for indecisive personalities is the whiskey sour because it holds a ton of different flavours. From the pleasing acidity of lemon juice and the creamy texture given by the egg white and sugar to the subtle fruity notes from cherries and lemon rind, the whiskey sour can do no wrong.


So if you’re choosing between a sour and sweet drink, just go for both and ask for a whiskey sour.


If you’re a bar regular

There are different types of people who go to bars: those who drink all the subtle and sweet drinks, have no strategy at all and inevitably get wasted, and those strategic and experienced drinkers who have a foolproof drinking strategy.


If you’re one of the latter, the vodka soda is perfect for you. Experienced drinkers want that heavy buzz but would like to consume less sugar and calories. So if you’re a strategic drinker, this one’s for you!


If you’re more low-key

Do you enjoy people watching and staying as low-key as possible? Enjoy your quiet time with a glass of negroni. The negroni is perfect because it remains delicious even if you drink it for a whole happy hour.


Although this drink is bitter and strong, you’ll find comfort in dissecting its complexities. It might even push you to join online cocktail classes so you can make one in the comforts of your home where you can remain low-key in peace.


If you’re sweet and friendly

If you’re a fan of sweet things and friendly conversations, the piña colada is perfect for you. This drink masks the intense flavours of alcohol and instead, gives you a perfect symphony of sweet and tropical flavour notes. So if you want to keep the conversation going and have a good time, the piña colada is your go-to drink!


If you’re the mysterious type

Do you like showing up for an hour at parties, observe the crowd and maybe leave without notice? A gimlet is your ideal cocktail drink. A gimlet is a quick drink that contains gin, lime juice, and tonic soda. Don’t be fooled by how minimal it looks because it can give you a buzz after a few sips.



There are a ton of different cocktails that you can try to find one that best fits your personality. However, these five cocktails should give you an idea of how you can pair drinks with different types of characters. Fortunately, you can learn more about cocktails by joining online cocktail classes so that you can effectively pair the right kind of cocktail with the right friend!


If you want to start mixing your own drinks and develop your own cocktail recipes, Hire A Cocktail Bartender can help you. Besides mobile and cocktail bar hires and cocktail bar solutions, we also offer mobile and online cocktail classes to help you start a fun booze journey in the comforts of your home. Book a class today!

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