Cocktail Bar Hire London

Become a bartender for a day and experience the art of cocktail making in the comfort of your home or office

Hire London's Professional Cocktal bar

Do you have an upcoming office party to plan and are stuck on the refreshments? If yes, then leave all your worries regarding drinks to us at Hire A Cocktail Bartender. We understand the needs of a corporate party and maintain the decorum while infusing fun elements in the form of our exotic drinks. We aim to help your bosses and colleagues to relax and unwind, and enjoy the party to the fullest!
We boast of working with the most famed bartenders and mixologists all over the UK who offer their services throughout the UK and Europe at prices you won’t mind paying. We use only the best quality alcohol and other ingredients to craft cocktails which won’t only satisfy your taste buds but melt your heart and keep you high too!
Our cocktail bar hire in London is available for all scales of events. We make a perfect fit for every person who is willing to spice it up a little without breaking the bank! While we are happy to stick to the most prevailing cocktails in London, the drinks exclusively crafted by our mixologists can surprise you! To turn your party into an incredible and unforgettable night for all, call us today!


Considering that you have numerous other options to lighten the atmosphere at your party and make it fun, are you wondering why you should opt for cocktail bar hire in London?
Well, never forget that in such parties fun and cocktails go hand-in-hand and if you for a cheaper option, which will potentially ruin the drinks, you are going to regret this decision for longer than what you can imagine.
At Hire A Cocktail Bartender, our cocktail bar hire in London is organised by the leading and most reputed bartenders who never back down from a challenge. Whether you have a special request or it’s a few little tweaks, we will happily oblige and continue with what you find best for the event.
We offer mobile cocktail bar hire in London as well, where we provide a unique and easy to move set-up according to your requirements.

Cocktail Bar Hire London

whether you are looking for a great way to enjoy a unique night out, or whether you are planning a hen party or corporate team-building event, our Cocktail Bar Hire London is the ideal way to spend an evening. No previous cocktail experience or knowledge required, but even if you do have some, this is a great chance to show off your skills whilst enjoying some delicious drinks. Nothing makes your friends more jealous than a boomerang with a gorgeous cocktail or a silly selfie.
Each guest get to make and DRINK three different cocktails and if you’re a designated driver don’t worry as we’ve got some delicious non-alcoholic cocktails too. This way everyone gets to experience the cocktail making session.
last for 90 minutes and are available for hire anywhere in the UK. We also have a large collection of mobile cocktail bars and equipment, allowing us to take our Mobile Cocktail Classes to almost any venue in London or throughout the U.K.
We provide all the bar equipment, all the glassware for each specific cocktail and most important we will provide all the ingredients and mixers leaving you with nothing to worry !
We guarantee lots of laughter, lots of fun, very delicious cocktails and a serious amount of professionalism and reliability with any of our services!!
Learn to shake it like a PRO with our cocktail courses!!