Cocktail Bar Solutions

Specifically engineered to provide you the best party experience.

Hire A Bartender

Impress your guests with a professional and friendly bartender in the comfort of your home or office.
Quite often, a great bartender can be the life of the party. As long as they’re shaking up delicious dirty martinis, sour or bitter cocktails, and cold beer, your guests will be loving the bartender all night.
So don’t let the drinks run dry! Hire an experienced and knowledgeable cocktail bartender for your wedding reception, private party, or corporate event. Want to spice up the evening? If you’re looking for some extra excitement, book a flair bartender to entertain as they pour! Let the professionals handle the service, so you can enjoy the event!


If you want to start the party with a classic Pina Colada or a Strawberry Daiquiri, we’ve got you covered!! We also concoct exciting variations of the traditional cocktails. There’s no recipe too difficult or ingredient unchecked for our mixologists when it comes to designing and bringing to life the right cocktail for you.
Simple or complex, sweet or sour, classic or contemporary – whatever your wishes are our trained Cocktail staff will create exquisite drinks that will make you talk for days.
Our enthusiastic Mixologists will work the bar with energy and charisma. Not only will they serve you delicious cocktails but they will be entertaining you with their charisma and friendly attitude.
Refreshing drinks of your choice, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, their knowledge of the beverage industry will impress you. From an exotic wine, a drop of bubbly or a crisp fresh beer, our bartenders will have you going back for more.


Whilst they can still create delicious cocktails for you and your guests, these guys do it with the added extra of juggling bottles for that extra fun factor. They will spin, set drinks on fire and throw the bottles in the air all night keeping your guests smiling and on their toes all high.